PVKII Windows Server Problem

dycemandyceman Senior
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I am trying to setup a local PVKII test server, when I try to start the server it says it is missing models in models/Gibs and missing models/error.mdl.

Could you guys upload the proper files so that it works on windows?


  • UberMenschUberMensch Senior
    edited 2:46PM
    Where did you download the files from? If it was hldsupdatetool, you could try running it again.

    I noticed the linux srcds version is missing a few things too. Does the server work even though those files are missing?
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  • dycemandyceman Senior
    edited 2:46PM
    No it doesn't. I had to download hl2mp then move the files to the pvkii folder in order to get it to work... Why have the pvkii setup for hldsupdatetool when you don't even have all the files to it?
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