Problems with graphics card

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I've been having weird issues with my graphic card lately,
2 weeks ago It first happened while trying out killing floor, the game graphics got messed up
and then my PC was stuck, my entire windows apperance was also messed up and every time I restarted windows and open my browser it got stuck again, I have updated my drivers and physically reinserted my graphic card and it solved the issue, but now it came back while I was playing pvk .

i also noticed weird lines when I play games or watch high quality videos, they appeared a month ago and I have no idea how to watch a clear picture back again.

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU
1.80GHz @ 4300
2.00 GB RAM , 180GHz
Physical Address Extension

Windows XP SP3

NVIDIA GeForce GT 220

Although it's a potato of a computer, it ran games just fine.

I'll appreciate any help on this urgent matter.


  • PaladinPaladin Senior
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    Maybe overheating is the cause of this problem, download this and report back what your GPU temperature is at Idle and Load (When playing a game).

    Or it could be simply wearing out now as it's a old card.
  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    This is what the temp was when I closed everything.

    It reached 62 when I played and the game graphics were messed up bad.
  • JoshikumakoJoshikumako Senior
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    have you tried decreasing the clocks on your card? it may be overheating? use MSI Afterburner to do so, i have to do this on my old PC.

    you can also try using driver sweep whipe all of your graphics card driver, then reinstall the newest driver.
  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    Will try it and report back,
    Thanks guys.

    (I'll post in 2 hours or so)
  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    Well my temp is in dangerous levels, I didn't find where I can reinstall my drivers in MSI after burner.
    How do I lower the temps?
  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    Don't use MSI afterburner, use whatever NVidia's software is.
  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    I didn't understand what I need to do with the afterburner, So i dont know what is Nvidia equivalent to it.

    Any suggestions?
  • PaladinPaladin Senior
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    Try this one specifically for it, I don't have an Nvidia GPU so I don't know how well it works. I thought you should be able to view the heat/overclocking settings with the latest nVidia drivers like with AMD Catalyst but it seems you need a 3rd party application.
  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    Yeah so I'm ship out of luck.

    Can ATI5450 run pvk well?
  • Pache94Pache94 Donald Thumb Beta Tester
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    what about the bake in the oven trick?
    that could be a last resort thing to do if there no other way
    (just a idea you dont have to do it, never tried it because i haven't burn my card yet but most people who did it seem to work for them )
  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    Seems like Cap is gonna bake some graphic cards tomorrow.
    For science!
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