Updated Graphic driver, having problems

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So the other day i saw on Steam that you could use their system to update drivers. I tried it out and it foudn an update which i applied. After i fired up PVK2, there are random graphical glitches: holes in shields, random holes in weapons, weird polygons protruding from the models, ect. They're not always consistent though. Sometimes when im an Archer there will be a large darkspot covring the bow so i cant see anything when i draw. Other times its fine. My card is old but it was fine before this, i have an ATI Radeon HD 3600. I tried doing system restore, but for some reason it hasnt been saving restore points (if anyone could help me with that, it would be great. Im on Vista 64bit). Failing that, i tried to rollback the driver, but nothing happened.

ANy help?


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    Mrweasel wrote:

    ANy help?

    Yeah, use real drivers from your chip's manufacturer
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