Respawned without weapon

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This would be considered as a minor bug but sometimes when you respawn after a round, your weapon disappears but you can still hear the sound effect each time you click the left mouse button. If you change your weapon and change back again, it fixes itself.

I got it a few weeks ago when I spawned as the Captain for a new round.



  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    This also happens fairly often if you change weapons as a berserker while using your special
  • DMXDMX Senior
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    Yeah, also if you get stunned from either a parry or bash and you change quickly to pistol as skirmisher, the pistol dissapears and you have to re-open it.
  • DrauliusDraulius Banned
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    This is one of if not the most frequent bug. I anticipate it will be fixed in the upcoming patch
  • Klocuch12Klocuch12 Senior
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    pjewrzyras wjce cositakieugo
    kjedy tonaparwjće?
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    Klocuch12 wrote:

    pjewrzyras wjce cositakieugo
    kjedy tonaparwjće?

    Whom are you talking to? I really don't understand why you make those posts. I could, but I certainly won't translate each and every post you make.

    Jak chcesz, zeby ktos cie rozumial, to pisz po angielsku albo wcale, bo nikt cie tu nie rozumie.
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    15:56 - Sir Whiskeyngton: since I'm the minister of propaganda

    5:22 PM - Felis catus: QSBtYW4gY2hvb3NlcywgYSBzbGF2ZSBvYmV5cywgQWxsIHdvcmsgYW5kIG5vIHBsYXkgbWFrZXMgU2lyIFdoaXNrZXluZ3RvbiBhIGR1bGwgYm95Lg==
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    5:23 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: nab
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    5:23 PM - Felis catus: he is a wizard
    5:23 PM - Felis catus: he actually programmed roggen
    5:24 PM - Felis catus: he programmed the world
    5:24 PM - Felis catus: how it behaves
    5:24 PM - Felis catus: dr o is god
    5:24 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: lol
    5:24 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: you forgot the first commandment
    5:25 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: 1. Thou shalt have no gods; thou shalt only have Budnab.
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: dr o made him
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: dr o defined the gods
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: dr o did everything
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: he is the god

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