Site hacked?

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Haven't you guys noticed that when visiting the site you are redirected to one of many possible links, such as http://igent94dialog.../n.php?h=1&s=nl ? I doubt this is intentional. So how many times do you have to get hacked to realize there's something wrong with the site/forums (well, maybe updating to the newest version of IPB has fixed it already). The last time you allowed to upload files to and the title of the site was changed for GoogleBot to "Replica handbags".


  • LucasLucas Walter White Members
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    No one are paying too much attention to this forum anyways, maybe a release can build it up again...
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  • Ninja-ORCNinja-ORC Senior
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    A few times I have been redirected to that site where it acts like its scanning your computer and your infected. I just upped the security on my internet stuff and it went away.
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  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    I've talked with our host and they've gone through to clean up some corrupted files. Let me know if this problem persists.


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