Booty exploit

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Some people use glitches to win the round
When I was playing pirates on Bt_Island on serwer we had 4 chests and 20 tickets. Vikings had 2 chests and 40 tickets. A guy called Smokey the Bear or something like that playing on Vikings started to [the way to do it]

I want it fixed.
I am sorrying for my poor English.


  • anemoneanemone Senior
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    I like to jump onto pirate boat with chest... so they can't use it until i'm dead... please don't fix this.

    Yeah the ticket glitch is BS

    kinship is open for boarding,

    sign the board and let flotsam become .s2

    the uncurstable; the untouchable— alliance, coalition, syndicate, kinfolks.... coterie

    s2 'You'
  • ZinuXZinuX Mutated Walrus Hamster Members, Beta Tester
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    We are aware of that exploit
  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    Two things
    -Generally in a glitch report thread you don't explain how to do it, because now everybody knows (although most already did)
    -It seems that after 5-8 captures it stops working (for me at least). I was doing some testing on a mostly empty server.
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