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These forums are NOT setup as your personal hunting ground for any- and everything you might attractive. They are here because the team wants you to see what we're doing, and possibly give you a chance to influence how the mod will look/play.

All posters should refrain from the following:
- Bad/foul language and/or the posting of rude images - This includes when pertaining to comments from other users.
- Posts created with the intention of starting a row, rather than actively discussing the work at hand (Trolling)
- Non-constructive criticism (Such as "OMFG TAHT SI TEH SUKC"). If you have a negative opinion towards something, give reasons.
- Personal attacks on a user.
- General suggestions within a specific topic (e.g. posting aout how the viking gestir should look/be equipped within a topic on his/her spear)

Any users violating these rules may have their posts moved/deleted or, in extreme cases, experience a temporary or permanent ban.
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