Spawnpoint bug

FrodogornFrodogorn Senior
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On fort

Everybody spawn there and got stuck mid-air.


  • GourdainGourdain Senior
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    Same bug the wiper experianced was this in 2.4 whAt fort was this? And does it go away when the round starts?
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    fort is not official map anymore
  • FrodogornFrodogorn Senior
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    It happened everytime, even after starting a new round. The map where this occurred was the former offical map hg_fort.
  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    Quick mention, this is happening in hg_blackbell also, it was fine the moment the round started but before and during it was a mess lol, hilarious though to see people spawn in the air as the blackbell killed everyone.

    hg_boarded and hg_vault seem to be ok though

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    Will be fixed in the tw version no doubt.

    It's also fixed in my server's tw version... biggrin.gif
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