Engine Error despite owning Source Engine

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I have the FULL version of Portal installed on Steam.
I get the Engine Error when I launch PVKII and the game kicks me back to Steam.

I have re-installed Portal three times. I have verified the game cache repeatedly for both Portal and PVKII.

Engine Error. Engine Error. Engine Error.

Other mods that require the Source engine work fine.

I need a drink.


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    Nobody has replied, I feel so neglected. Or perhaps this is mutiny!

    Anywarrrhh, I see in the manual that it requires the download of Source SDK, and that if you have purchased one of the games on the list it should be in the tools menu. I have purchased the full Portal, but there is no Source SDK in my Tools available for download. There really truly isn't.

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    Hello good sir. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...d.php?t=1268620

    I think as far as you purchased portal, it should give you access to Source Engine SDK. I suggest to check if you can install Source SDK base 2007.
    If not Valve is big meany. I could suggest to buy HL2:DM to play mods.
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    Thank you kindly for the reply, sverek! I appreciate it.

    I had read through the link you posted as well as several other threads on Steampowered and this forum before I started this thread. The zinger is that I have the full Portal, and all the Source 2007 files are in my Steam directory. However, there is no Source Engine SDK in my tools at all. Other mods that claim to require the Source Engine SDK work without a problem. So far only this particular mod is the only one giving me this error.
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    So you can play Source SDK Base 2007 in tools and other mods working.

    I am not sure what causing it, but you could go over this thread > http://forums.pvkii.com/index.php?showtopic=11595

    Guy could not load up PVKII at all. Maybe you have similar problem. Also try to get console log:
    Right click on PVKII in steam > properties > set launch options....
    Add "-noborder -window -condebug". So it will look like this
    -window -noborder -condebug
    apply and run game.

    Now console will output log. Check your steamapps\xxx\pirates, vikings, and knights ii\pvkii folder and find console.txt
    Paste all what it says here.
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